Has India’s Economic Growth Become More Pro-Poor in the Wake of Economic Reforms?

– In 1950s and ‘60s more than one person in two lived below the poverty line in India
By 1990 – slightly more than one person in three two lived below the poverty line “India could never compete in global markets until its domestic capital stock had been greatly expanded, coupled with a distrust of foreign (Western) countries as a source of essential goods”
– Has the post-reform growth process increase aggregate demand for unskilled labor and (hence) help reduce poverty?


Corporations as the key movers of the wealth creating economic activities in national and global scale

In a globalized world in which we are living today, multinational corporations are taking bigger and bigger proportion in national and global revenue (GDP). Influence of the Corporations is getting higher; they contribute on employment rate, export/import volume, declining and recovering of world economy. Financial crisis which lasts even now days is caused (intentionally or not) by Multinational Corporations. With bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers financial crises officially has started in 2008. Continue reading